Snapshots from Chromatope’s First Show 「Chromatope - 刺繍ファッション」展示風景

Chromatope Exhibition at Hikarie 8F

Window display of Chromatope's first popup/exhibition in Shibuya Hikarie during 7/11-7/16, 2018 

We'd like to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone who came/written in from various places in the world to support the Chromatope series’ very first show/popup. We couldn’t have imagined the many smiles of joy that we got to encounter during the exhibition when we started to draw the first sketches of the bags and clothes a year ago.

We have tips in this Stories blog about how to care for Chromatope’s products. Feel free to give us any positive or negative feedback as our newborn brand thrives on your input! So far, we've gotten many requests for larger sizes, and we'll definitely make it one of our top priorities in the coming months.

If you know of any stores that you would like to see our products at, please share it with them/us and we’ll make the best effort to bring our products near where you live. We continue to update most frequently in instagram.

「Chromatope - 刺繍ファッション」のスナップショット















Chromatope シリーズ

アーティスト・デザイナー Ruri Clarkson



Hikarie aiiima MOV Chromatope's show inside view

Chromatope's show, inside view