ABBA Girl Baby Blue
ABBA Girl Baby Blue
ABBA Girl Baby Blue
ABBA Girl Baby Blue
ABBA Girl Baby Blue
ABBA Girl Baby Blue

ABBA Girl Baby Blue

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ABBA Girl Baby Blue is inspired by the costumes of the two ABBA ladies. They’d always wear a matching outfit in color variations, matching their individual stage image.  This playful color combination is inspired by Karoca embroidery.

I use “Azuma-Daki” cloth, a textured and rare cotton cloth made in the heart of Tokyo. The high thread count gives durability and a beautiful drape to this 100% cotton cloth. The subtle and beautiful texture is naturally created since the cloth makers stick to using a small kettle handed down through generations, rather than large kettles used widely in the bigger factories.

I will start production of this item once it is ordered. We hand embroider in our studio in Tokyo and have the blouses sewn together in a small sewing factory in Japan. Orders are open until April 20, 2019 and the delivery date is Mid-Late June 2019 (2.5 months).

Pick your shirt size from:

a) Blouse size (ends at hip SIZE 1 - 6)

The Blouse size is recommended especially for ladies who like to tuck the shirt into their bottom garment.

b) Tunic size (ends at thigh SIZE 1-10 as in the photo)

The vertical cut of the tunic is slimming, but it can be worn by a hugely pregnant lady as the back is gathered and has a comfortable width. It also looks excellent on smaller frames as the cloth just drapes into an A-line.

ABBA ガール (別名:方眼紙に花)はABBAのコスチュームにヒントを得ています。二人のシンガーはいつもお揃いの色違いを着ていて、そのヨーロピアンなキッチュなテイストがなんともいえない懐かしい世界を描いているのです。刺繍のお花はカロチャ刺繍というハンガリーのもっこりした村娘ぽい刺繍のように。私がハンガリーに住んでいた頃よく街中でハンカチやテーブルクロスに縫われていました。





a) ブラウスサイズ

腰あたりまでの丈。 SIZE 7 - 13号

ブラウスサイズの画像は、「AIM High」。スカートにインしたいかたやオフィスレディな雰囲気にはこちら

b) チュニックサイズ 

SIZE 7 - 15号 このページの画像です。