Retro Art Tote - Rice - Train Your Mind and Body
Retro Art Tote - Rice - Train Your Mind and Body

Retro Art Tote - Rice - Train Your Mind and Body

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 レトロ・アートのトート 米 ー心身錬磨


自転車用のバッグにも使われる8号帆布にステンシルでペイントし、手刺繍や横振りミシンなど豊かな技法で描いており、一つ一つ表情が異なります。アートワークはRuri Clarksonのスタジオで仕上げ、東京の鞄職人が縫い上げています。


H 50cm W 34cm D 7cm



As a child, I would walk through the rich green of rice paddies in the summer, observing tadpoles and picking wild flowers. When the field turned golden in the autumn, each grain seemed to dance merrily to the gust of wind in the quiet of the countryside. 「米」is read "kome" in Japanese and means "rice," the staple grain of Japan. 「心身錬磨」written on the bottom is a term taught in Karate meaning "train the mind and body." 

This tote bag fits your A4 sized files or laptops and can be held by hand or hung on your shoulder. 
Making of the bag: 
Each of the artwork on this Canvas Tote is unique and handmade in Ruri
Clarkson's atelier.
The bag is then carefully sewn together by expert artisans in Tokyo. The handle is made of durable cotton strands. 

Product Detail:
Dimensions: H 50cm W 34cm D 7cm
Material: Cotton canvas, acrylic, cotton and leather


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