About Chromatope by Ruri Clarkson


I am Ruri Clarkson, a visual artist based in Tokyo. I have been a painter, an embroidery artist, and a fashion designer. The Chromatope series is a collection of beautiful, and functional wearable art that liberates traditional motifs from the weight of history and reintroduces them under the daylight.

My artwork is deeply rooted in the ideologies of the modern day feminist movement, which runs through the Chromatope series, as I see the liberation of traditional motifs as a metaphor for the liberation of women from opression.

The Chromtope series is directed by my instinct developed by encountering the colors and traditional crafts of the southern U.S., Hungry, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and the skills I developed in the field of embroidery and fashion through researching and making art. I am blessed to have spent my life constantly exposed to multiple cultures and fusing them in my mind, constantly redrawing them into my own shape, to create a world of my own.

Imposing Words - Contemporary Family Matters - Type Three Insuree

Type 3 Insuree (aka Housewife Insurance) / Imposing Words / Ruri Clarkson / 2013


As a visual artist, my Imposing Words series is representative of my work. I start each piece from scribbling words and images that inflicts discomfort in me, words like “housewife” or “career woman”. From these notes, I design a piece, canonizing the word with wordplay inspired motifs. Then I pick a “feminine” household object such as doily or placemat and use embroidery, also associated with women, to realise the design. The super domestic look of the piece is subverted by bold characters written on it, which causes viewers to do a double take. The “true self” pokes fun at the stereotypical self, mocking its seriousness with less than serious motifs.


Mother by Ruri Clarkson

Mother / Imposing Words / Ruri Clarkson / 2013

Single (... woman of a certain age) / Imposing Words / Ruri Clarkson / 2014


For more of my artwork, please visit ruriclarkson.com (Switch to English on the righthand top once you are there.)

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