Country Girl's Tote - Milk

Country Girl's Tote - Milk

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"Don't judge a book by its cover" (本は表紙で選ぶな)というけれど、どうしてもパッケージで選んじゃうのが牛乳。銭湯でキンキンに冷えた牛乳瓶も香港のあまーいミルクティの練乳缶のイラストも、美味しそうで、どことなく洋物なハイカラさが。




H 50cm (26cm without handle) W 34cm D 7cm

ただいま製作中です!商品は2018年の7月の展示会と共に開始です。注文された方は展示会でご用意するか7月中旬に郵送をさせていただきます。詳しいリリース日をいち早く知りたい方は、メーリングリストにEmail アドレスをお残しください。



They say, "Don't judge a book by its cover." Sure, we generally agree, but how about milk cartons? Are you allowed to judge a milk carton by its package? My answer to that, is of course, "YES." "牛乳," pronounced "gyunyu," means "milk" in Japanese. 

This tote bag fits your A4 sized files or laptops and can be held by hand or hung on your shoulder. 
Making of the bag: 
To make this Canvas Tote, we painted the background, embroidered the cow and the girl, and had Tokyo's finest bag artisans craft it into a sturdy tote bag. The image is of the prototype and the finished version has fancier handles made of 2 thinner cotton strands like the "mikan" version of this bag. Each bag is a unique piece of art and vary from one another.

How are the Japanese letters read?
The letters 牛乳 (pronounced gynyu) means milk. The preferred drink in the lounges of sento (public baths) across Japan.

Product Detail:
Dimensions: H 50cm W 34cm D 7cm
Material: Cotton canvas, acrylic, cotton and synthetic embroidery thread

This product will be released in July 2018, coinciding with the exhibition. If you order, we will update you on the shipping date at the beginning of July. If you would like to learn the release date before anyone, leave your email in the mailing list.