Botticelli Ponies Tote (Milk White)
Botticelli Ponies Tote (Milk White)
Botticelli Ponies Tote (Milk White)

Botticelli Ponies Tote (Milk White)

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荷物がたくさん入る縦長な作りで、さらに中のものが取り出しやすいように肩掛けも長めです。マチも広いので、B4サイズのスケッチブックを持ってお出かけする時も、ボッティチェリの図録を図書館から借りた時だって、すっぽり収まります。中にはポケットが二つあり、アンドロイドやiPad mini、長財布にぴったりのサイズ。


More Stories 千の花(ミルフルール)は中世ヨーロッパの織物に登場する理想的な庭を象徴する紋様・・


寸法:横:34cm 縦:68cm まち:12cm




This cloth tote bag is hand embroidered with artwork of ponies standing in the flower field of the castle's courtyard. At the foot of the great acorn tree is a secret chest, holding memories from girlhood. The flower field pattern seen here is my homage to a design called millefleur, meaning a thousand flowers, a wild-flower pattern that artists and artisans of medieval Europe frequently employed to gracefully fill their tapestries.
The Milk White bag is made of durable fine-grade canvas, with a lavender lining, and black handles. The two pockets inside are useful in holding your large smartphone and lipstick.

The bag is vertically elongated so that it carries a B4 sized sketch pad without sticking out from your body too much sideways. I wanted it to it lots of stuff. The side effect of this is that if you are petite, say, 153cm (5 feet) or smaller, the bag could come down to your knee.
W:34cm, H: 68cm, D:12cm
W:19` H: 26.7' D:4.7'

Gentle Ponies on Millefleur Long Tote (Milk White)
Material: Linen and Cotton.
Care Instruction: Handwash gently with soap, or turn it inside out, put it in a net and machine wash. The bag may shrink slightly when machine washed. Dry flat.